Mexi Cocina

Featuring the most sought-after Birria tacos and consome in the Northcentral Florida area, Mexi Cocina brings bold, Mexican flavors to all of its dishes.

Enjoy the best Mexican in town with menu options including cheesy quesadillas, street tacos, and burritos with a choice of char-grilled chicken, steak, pork, or veggies. Chef Santos Hernandez uses locally-sourced, fresh green ingredients from Swallow Tail Farms and local farmer’s markets for flavorful toppings like mango salsa and pickled cabbage.

Always innovative with their menu, has been known to offer blackened scallop and fish tacos and even dessert options like strawberry shortcake tacos.

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At Midpoint, Between UF & Downtown

Mexi Cocina at Midpoint Eatery is located at 931 SW 2nd Avenue, between downtown Gainesville and the main UF campus. Upon entering the park, Mexi Cocina is the second restaurant from the right.

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