Mr Cow's Corn-Dogs

Introducing Mr. Cow's Corn Dogs, a delightful addition to Midpoint Eatery that brings a modern twist to classic comfort food. This one-of-a-kind restaurant takes the beloved corn dog to new heights with its innovative and mouthwatering creations.

At Mr. Cow's, patrons can indulge in a variety of specialty corn dogs, each carefully crafted with a perfect balance of flavors. From the satisfying crunch of a fruity pop corn dog to the zesty combination of jalapeno and cheese, there is a unique option to tantalize every palate. For those seeking plant-based alternatives, Mr. Cow's also offers a delectable vegan corn dog that delivers on both taste and quality.

Step inside the vibrant and inviting atmosphere of Midpoint Eatery, where Mr. Cow's Corn Dogs is nestled among other culinary delights. Whether you're looking for a quick bite or a leisurely dining experience, the friendly staff and exceptional service will make you feel right at home. Get ready to savor the reinvented corn dog and embark on a culinary adventure like no other.

Join us at Midpoint Eatery and immerse yourself in the world of Mr. Cow's Corn Dogs, where tradition meets innovation in the most delicious way possible.

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At Midpoint, Between UF & Downtown

Mr Cow's Corn-Dogs at Midpoint Eatery is located at 931 SW 2nd Avenue, between downtown Gainesville and the main UF campus.

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